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    The tiles featured on these pages are uniquely hand crafted and are produced in Exeter, England. The Winchester Tile Collection consists of three distint collections. All tiles are available for delivery within 3-5 working days and can be seen in our showroom on Commons Road in Pembroke, South West Wales. Collections include the rustic and very stylish Residence range, the Artisan range inspired by the mellow tones of nature and finally the Classic Collection with a wide choice of co-ordinating colours and hand painted designs.

Winchester Tile Company Residence Cosmopolitan

Winchester Classic Collection

The Classic Collection demonstrates the joy of everything hand-painted and is characterised by its variety of colour choices. Size tiles can be 105x105mm or 127x127mm with half tiles and mouldings also featuring. Amongst the featured are English Delft, a homemade version of the classic Dutch Delft tiles, hand-painted panels featuring animals, plants, garden trees, bugs, butterflies, fruit, pets, De Morgan fish and hot air balloons. Don't hesitate to click on the classic banner above and marvel at the variety and splendour of the collection.

Winchester Tile Company Artisan

The Artisan range features more subtle colours that create a timeless appeal. These tiles are less extravagent but sublime and introduce the concept of crazing. Each tile is named after sleepy English villages. When titled in the light, subtle undulations in the surface can be seen as well as less than straight edges. Consists of 12 gloss glaze colours and 6 crackle colours in a variety of styles including half tiles, brick tiles and complete with mouldings.

Winchester Tile Company Residence

The Residence range features a variety of different and interesting designs, a wide variety of colours including many crackle-effect colours. Additionally, it included stunning metallic effects and dramatic, glowing colours. Perhaps the most interesting from the Residence range is its large Decorative Tile range including hand-painted Persian rug designs, butterflies, game birds and farm animals, amongst others. 


For the range of colours please see the image on the right for the Classic Collection. The Artisan tiles come in a 150x150mm size (Field Tiles) so they have a specific colour chart (see link for more details). Likewise, the Residence range come in sizes starting from 130x130mm (Field Tiles) so they have their unique colour chart (please see the page for more details).

If you require a price list, a colour chart or a quote please don't hesiate to email us at and we would be happy to answer any queries. Delivery of these tiles usually takes between 3 - 5 working days.


Below you will find the range of colours associated with each collection of Winchester Tile Company tiles:

Classic Collection Range of Colours (sizes 105x105mm or 127x127mm
Winchester Classic Colours
Winchester Tile Company Colours