Victorian Floor Tiles  - Harrogate  

    The Harrogate pattern incorporates the classic Octagon and dot combination of tiles. The pattern is very similar to York, although on a smaller scale. This means that it is more suitable for smaller areas such as porches or halls. For more inspiration and creativity,  other colours from the range(see HOME) can be used. If you have any other ideas please get in touch with us and we can sketch a design using our CAD design service.
Harrogate Pattern in White and Black with Austen Border
Victorian Floor Tiles Harrogate Pattern

Harrogate Pattern in Red, Black and White with Kingsley Border (modified)
Harrogate Octagonal Victorian Floor Tile Pattern


Below you will find a table with a list of each individual tile required to complete the pattern seen on the left and as seen in the display picture below.
Quantity refers to the number of tiles required to fill a square metre. In the example below a square metre would require:

86  x Octagon 106 x 106 White

86  x Square 37 x 37 Black

* These measurements do not take into account the Border tiles. For more information on these please see Border Patterns.

37 x 37 (mm) Black
106 x 106 (mm)