Victorian Floor Tiles  - Buckfastleigh   

    The Buckfastleigh pattern made from a simple hexagonal tile. This pleasing regular shape doesn't need any combination of colours as this pattern shows, although any colours from the range(see HOME) can be used. Why not try a single-colour pattern with a slight colour variation used for the border? Suitable for interior use in bathrooms, hallways, conservatories and living rooms. Also ideal choice for paths, porches and halls.
Buckfastleigh pattern with a border made from diamond shapes

Victorian Floor Tiles Buckfastleigh Pattern

Buckfastleigh Pattern in Revival Grey with a simple border in Revival Grey and Dover White
Buckfastleigh in Revival Grey with a simple border


Below you will find a table with a list of each individual tile required to complete the pattern seen on the left and as seen in the display picture below.
Quantity refers to the number of tiles required to fill a square metre. In the example below a square metre would require:

33 x Hexagon 185 x 185 Revival Grey

* These measurements do not take into account the Border tiles. For more information on these please see Border Patterns.

185 x 185 (mm) Revival Grey