Victorian Floor Tiles  - Grantham    

    This traditional geometric pattern can be applied to public buildings such as town halls, churches and museums, as well as in your home. The colour combinations shown here are intended as examples only, any colours from the range(see HOME) can be combined to evoke this pattern. This pattern will add a timeless charm not only to homes and gardens but also to commercial and public spaces. Suitable for interior and exterior use.


Grantham with modified Kingsley border

Victorian Floor Tile Grantham Pattern with modified Kingsley border

Grantham Pattern in Blue, White, Black, Buff and Red       
Victorian Floor Tile Grantham Pattern in Blue, White, Black, Buff and Red Victorian Hallway Grantham Pattern

Grantham pattern in Blue, White, Buff and Black
Victorian Floor Tiles Grantham Pattern  Victorian Floor Tiles Grantham Staircase       


Below you will find a table with a list of each individual tile required to complete the pattern seen on the left, as well as the display seen below.                               

Quantity refers to the number of tiles required to fill a square metre. In the example below a square metre would require:

14 x Triangle 104x73x73 Blue

28 x Triangle 104x73x73 White

28 x Triangle 104x73x73 Black

14 x Triangle 104x73x73 Buff

41 x Square 75x75 Black

28 x Square 75x75 Red

62 x Square 75x75 Buff

* These measurements do not take into account the Border tiles. For more information on these please see Border Patterns.

104 x 73 x 73 (mm)
Triangle 104 x 73 x 73 (mm) White 28
Triangle 104 x 73 x 73 (mm) Black 28
Triangle 104 x 73 x 73 (mm) Buff 14
75 x 75 (mm) Black
75 x 75 (mm) Red
Square 75 x 75 (mm) Buff 62