Tools & Accessories

    If you are looking for tools and accessories in the Pembrokeshire area then look no further than Original Tile and Bathroom. We stock trowels for adhesive and grout, rakes, tile spacers and sponges for removing grout. We also supply tape measures, scrapers, kneepads, silicone sealants spirit levels, as well as cutting tools such as tile nippers, tile cutters and water cutters. Additionally, we supply tile trims (in white, jasmine, chrome or ivory) in a variety of sizes to match any thickness of tile as well a range of sealers, cleaners and polishes to treat the tiles once they are put down.

Dorset Woolliscroft Anti Slip Tiles
Trowels & Tools for Applying Adhesive and Grout

From left: Notched Trowel, Adhesive Comb, Grouting Float, Grout Rake, Sponge, Tile Spacers (2mm, 3mm or 5mm)
Notched Trowel for Tiling   Metal Adhesive Comb
Economy Grouting Float   Heavy Duty Grout Rake
Sponge for Removing Excess Grout   Tile Spacers (2mm, 3mm & 5mm)

Tile Trims & Protective Edging

from left: Square Edge (white), Round Edge (jasmine), Stainless Steel Round Edge, Standard Protective Edging
Square Tile Trim 6mm Square Edge   Round Tile Trim 6mm Jasmine
Stainless Steel Tile Trim Round Edge   Standard Protective Edging

Silicone, Other Tools

From left: Tape Measure, Skeleton Caulking Gun, Ergonomic Scraper, Spirit Level
Tape Measure 3m  Skeleton Caulking Gun for Silicone
Ergonomic Scraper 76mm   Standard Kneepads
Spirit Level 300mm

Cutting Tools

from left: Tile Nippers, Tile Cutter, 600mm Tile Cutter, Water Cutter,
Tile Nippers 215mm     Tile Cutter Rubi TS60
Tile Cutter 600mm (TC8106C)   Battipav Queen Water Tile Cutter

Cleaners, Sealers & Polishes

from left: HG Cement Grout Film Remover, Lithofin Stain Stop, Lithofin Colour Intensifier, Lithofin Slate Seal
Cement Grout Film Remover  Lithofin Stain Stop

Lithofin Colour Intensifier  Lithofin Slate Seal


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