Caprice Saint Tropez Range       

        Featured here is the Caprice Saint Tropez encaustic tile pattern. This floral pattern combines red, yellow and green colours to create a bright pattern. These tiles show off a classic Victorian pattern but have the benefit of being cost-efficient and easy to install. Each tile is made of porcelain and comes in a 20 x 20 mm size (8")  then is combined to create a pattern with the border going around and the corners on each side. This is a classic look for any bathroom, hallway, porch, conservatory, front garden or indeed in a restaurant (as shown below)

Winchester Tile Company Display
Caprice Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez Base                          Border Tile                           Corner Tile
Caprice Saint Tropez Base Tile 20 x 20        Caprice Saint Tropez Border Tile 20 x 20        Caprice Saint Tropez Corner 20 x 20

Caprice Saint Tropez Base, Border and Corner combined
Caprice Saint Tropez Pattern

Caprice White, Grey, Saint Tropez 20x20 
Caprice White, Grey, Saint Tropez 20x20 / Metro White 7,5x15               Caprice Saint Tropez in Restaurant


All tiles in the Caprice range are 20 x 20 (mms) and come with a range of features including:

  • 0,5% BI Water Absorption
  • >1300 N Break-force Rupture Point
  • 7 Scratch Resistance Level
  • 3 Abrasion Resistance Level (PEI)
  • Frost resistant
  • 5 Stain Resistance Level
  • Crazing resistant
  • Resistant to Chemical Products
  • Thermal shock resistant