Caprice Loire Range       

        Featured here is the Caprice Loire range which includes a classical diagonal-square border pattern combined with a floral centre-piece. These tiles show off a classic Victorian pattern but have the benefit of being cost-efficient and easy to install. Each tile is made of porcelain and comes in a 20 x 20 mm size (8")  then is combined to create a pattern with the border going around and the corners on each side. This is a classic look for any bathroom, hallway, porch, conservatory or front garden.

Winchester Tile Company Display
Caprice Loire

Base Tile                                  Border Tile                           Corner Tile
Caprice Loire Base Tile 20 x 20        Caprice Loire Border Tile 20 x 20        Caprice Loire Corner 20 x 20

Caprice Loire Base, Border and Corner combined
Caprice Loire Pattern

Caprice Loire Corner and Border with Liberty Taupe
Caprice Loire Border and Corner with Liberty Taupe

Caprice Cream, Liberty Base, Loire Border & Corner          Caprice Taupe, Loire
Caprice Cream, Liberty Taupe, Loire Border and Loire Corner                    Caprice Taupe, Loire


All tiles in the Caprice range are 20 x 20 (mms) and come with a range of features including:

  • 0,5% BI Water Absorption
  • >1300 N Break-force Rupture Point
  • 7 Scratch Resistance Level
  • 3 Abrasion Resistance Level (PEI)
  • Frost resistant
  • 5 Stain Resistance Level
  • Crazing resistant
  • Resistant to Chemical Products
  • Thermal shock resistant