Baths - Steel Baths

Featured here are 3 steel baths of exquisite quality. The Celtic is a strong and rigid, general purpose bath. The clau freestanding bath is made with 2.4mm Titanium steel, is extremely durable and comes complete with charming white feet. The starlet V is also extremley durable, is double ended and is suitable for a corner installation, complete with front and end panels. All bath parts are also available including bath shower mixers, taps, wastes and bathroom accessories to complement these luxurious steel baths.

Durable Steel Baths
   Celtic  (1.5mm Steel) White 1700 x 700 Slip Resistant Finish

Celtic Steel Bath    
Celtic Steel Bath 1700 x 700

Clou Freestanding Super Steel Bath 1780 x 780
Clou Freestanding Supersteel Bath 1780 x 780

Starlet V Super Steel Comfort Bath 1600 x 700
Starlet V Supersteel Bath



Below you will find a table with a list of the features of each bath. Please make enquiries if you require a bath of a different size or shape as we have many more available through our suppliers.

(available in Standard Finish or Slip Resistant)
1700 x 700
(other sizes available)
140 Litre 2
(complete with 30 year manufacturer guarantee)
1780 x 780 164 Litre 0
Starlet V (available in Standard Finish or Slip Resistant)1600 x 700116 Litre1