Tile Adhesives, Grouts & Silicone Sealants

    In our showroom in Pembroke, we stock a wide range of tile adhesives, tile grouts and silicone sealants. Our products are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime guarantee although at a reasonable price. If you are looking to buy ready-mixed wall adhesives, powder adhesive, flexible adhesive or grout in a variety of colours then look no further than our shop in the heart of Pembrokeshire. Grouts and silicone sealants are mould-resistant ensuring that your bathroom or kitchen stays immaculate throughout its years.

Tile Adhesives & Grouts Pembrokeshire
Ready Mixed Wall Adhesives

These ready-mixed wall adhesives come as a paste ready to be put onto a wall. All of these adhesives are mould-resistant, self-priming, non-slip and can be used with porcelain mosaics. The Ultra Prostick BS is the most basic and should only be used in Intermittently wet areas whereas the Ultra ProGrip HG has a super-grip function and is shower proof. Lastly, the Ultra SuperWhite WR Flex is highly flexible, water resistant and can be used in power showers and areas of constant wetting. The sizes available are 15kg and 7.5kg.
Ultra ProStick BS      Ultra ProGrip HG      Ultra SuperWhite WR Flex

Rapid Set Wall and Floor Cement Adhesives

These powder based adhesives are all suitable for ceramic and natural stone tiles, can be used both internally and externally as they are frost resistant. The Ultra Pro Rapid PB should be used with solid substrates whereas the Ultra Pro Rapid RS can be applied to underfloor heating and porcelain tiles and is a lot stronger. Lastly, the Ultra ProFlex SP not only can be used with porcelain and underfloor heating, but also as a tile adhesives for swimming pools.
Ultra Pro Rapid PB                 Ultra Pro Rapid RS                Ultra Pro Flex SP

Standard Set Wall and Floor Cement Adhesives & Specialist

Both the Ultra Proset SS & the Ultra ProFlex SP+ES can be applied behind ceramic, sealed natural stone and porcelain tiles, are suitable for both walls and falls; internal or external, and are frost-resistant. However, the Ultra ProFlex SP+ES is flexible and can be used in underfloor heating and swimming pools. The Ultra ProFlex Part 2 is the ultimate in flexibility and can be used on timber floors and underfloor heating. Finally, the Ultra FibreGrip FX has an exceptional grab, a fibre enhanced body and can be used with large format tiles or quartz tiles.
Ultra ProSet SS         Ultra ProFlex SP+ES       Ultra ProFlex Part 2   FibreGrip FX

Wall & Floor Grouts

FlexJoint Grout has the advantage of being suitable for underfloor heating, polymer modified, swimming pools and power showers. The FineJoint Grout has a super fine texture and can also be used in power showers and swimming pools, as it is water repellent. The WideJoint Grout is similar but as the name suggests, is suitable for grouting gaps (usually floor tiles of 5mm). Available in a variety of colours (see table on the right)
FlexJoint Grout                    FineJoint Grout                     WideJoint Grout
Grout Chart

Silicone Sealant

Original Tile and Bathroom of Pembroke supply a wide range of different coloured silicone sealant (see table on the right for colours options). Our products are 100% silicone sealant, are mould resistant, have a lifetime guarantee, are non-shrink, high band and high elasticity and are solvent free.
ProSeal IT 100% Silicone Sealant                 


Below you will find the features and characteristics common amongst all the products appearing on this page. For any other enquiries please email us

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Mould Resistant with anti-fungal technology
  • Environmentally-friendly
Ready Mixed Wall Adhesives:
NameAvailable inColourSuitable for
Ultra ProStrick BS15kg
Off-WhiteNormal Cement Walls
Ultra ProGripHG15kgOff-WhiteShowers
Ultra SuperWhite WR Flex15kg
Brilliant WhitePower Showers
Rapid Set Wall and Floor Cement Adhesives:
Ultra Pro Rapid PB20kgGreyCeramic
Natural Stone
Ultra Pro Rapid RS20kgWhite or GreyPorcelain
Underfloor Heating
Ultra ProFlex SP20kg
White or GreySwimming Pools
Underfloor Heating
Standard Set Wall and Floor Cement Adhesives & Specialist:
Ultra ProSet SS20kgWhite or GreyCeramic
Natural Stone
Ultra ProFlex SP+ES20kgWhite or GreySwimming Pools
Underfloor Heating
Ultra ProFlex 2Part15kgGreyTimber Floors
Underfloor Heating
Ultra FibreGrip FX20kgWhite or GreyQuartz Tiles
Underfloor Heating
Wall & Floor Grouts:
Ultra FlexJoint10kg
White, Cream, Limestone,
Sandstone, Chocolate, Grey
& Anthracite
Underfloor Heating
Swimming Pools
Power Showers
Polymer Modified
Ultra FineJoint10kg
White, Cream,
Limestone, Grey & Anthracite
Swimming Pools
Power Showers
Ultra WideJoint10kgLimestone or GreySwimming Pools
Power Showers
ProSeal IT 100% Silicone Sealant310mlClear, White, Cream,
Grey and Anthracite
All kitchens and bathroom