KitcheOriginal Tile and Bathroom logon Wall Tiles - 10 x 10

These 10 x 10 kitchen wall tiles are characterised by a traditional look and feel which was known for years as the old 4 inch (4"). However, these tiles are still very popular today and incorporate many features of modern design. The range of colours is almost unlimited and with added extras such as decor tiles and borders, there is room for imaginative design. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of kitchen wall tiles to suit all price budgets and preferences.

10x10 Kitchen wall tiles

     Pieve Beige 10x10        Pieve Gris 10x10
    Pieve Beige 10 x 10Pieve Gris 10 x 10 

                  Pieve Display

Indian Stone Autumn Rust, Harvest Sunset, Desert Sand (& Display below), Multi Colour

Indian Stone Autumn Rust 110x110      Indian Stone Harvest Sunset 110x110       Indian Stone Desert Sand 110x110

Indian Stone Multi Colour 110x110  
Also Available:  Indian Stone 80 x 160, Indian Stone 500 x 333 Indian Stone Desert Sand Display



Below you will find a table with a list of the features of each individual tile. The 10 x 10 size requires 100 tiles to every square metre. Most boxes come in square metre packs, although tiles can also be bought individually.

Suitable for
Pieve Gris
Ceramic Matt
Pieve Beige
Ceramic Matt
Indian Stone